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10/16/06-Gregg County

Rain Causes Accidents All Over East Texas

The rain has caused more than 50 accidents throughout East Texas, mainly because of people hydroplaning on the slippery roads. In Smith County, 20 accidents have been reported Monday. And in Gregg County and Longview, nearly 40.  We rode along with a state trooper on this very busy say.

Rainy days make accident scenes all too common for law enforcement.

"That's all we've done, one after another," says Trooper Carl Davis.

Monday morning on West Marshall Avenue in Longview a black truck hydroplaned into oncoming traffic, sending one person to the hospital.

"They just won't slow down in the rain," the trooper says.

Trooper Carl Davis says he's been called out to at least 10 accidents since the rain started Sunday, including one that killed a 16-year-old girl.

"They're just running off the road everywhere because they're just driving too fast," Davis says.

We rode along with him Monday, as car after car sped along the highway in heavy rain. 

"That car there's running 80...there's 77, right there, that little car," he says.

Davis tagged one white truck going 15 miles over the speed limit. 

"Got a handicap tag and a wheelchair in the back, driving 85 in the rain."

Trooper Davis gives the driver a ticket for speeding.     

"They've all got a busy life, but what they need to think about they're putting themselves at risk and other people on the road at risk."

Davis says driving is the most life-threatening activity we do each day and when it's raining the odds increase.

"I just wish that people would take a little more concern about it because they don't realize the devastation they cause to a family because they decided to drive a little too fast in the rain," he says. 

He says it may sound obvious, but he cannot stress it enough: slow down and follow at a safe distance.  It could save your life.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com.

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