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Smith County Gets New Phone System

If you need to reach someone in a Smith County government office, you can't get the number from the phone book.   The county had a new digital phone system installed. More than 600 lines in Smith County now have new numbers. The county has been planning the change since last year.

County officials say they did not get the numbers approved from the phone provided until two weeks ago, so they were not able to get them in the new phone books distributed just recently.

Smith county officials say the upgrades were desperately needed.  "We didn't have voice mail. Now we've got voice mail. There's caller id that you can look at. There's more conferencing capabilities than we've ever had in the past," said Smith County Director of Information Technology Harvy Tanner.

"I welcome new technology and I think once the bugs are worked out, it'll be better, an improvement," said 321st District Court court reporter Kristy Crawford.

Several offices reported problems Monday. Some employees got less calls than usual, while others said they were flooded with callers who were mistakenly routed to their extension.  

County officials say the new digital system will save taxpayers about $80,000 a year. That's because the county does not have to pay for individual analog lines through this system.  

Oralia Ortega, Reporting.   

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