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10/14/06-Upshur County

Illegal Dumping Found In Ore City

Texas Game Wardens are looking into an incident in Upshur County where it appears that a "liquid sludge" was illegally dumped into a dry creek area. Officials say it happened yesterday off Highway 155, just east of Highway 259.  

Hundreds of gallons of a slimy, foul-smelling sludge cover two area creek beds on private property near Lake O' The Pines.  Its appearance sickened area residents.  "I was mortified and I smelled it all the way up to my house.  It was sick, very shameful.  I can't believe these people did that," said one area homeowner.

Residents say they caught two men pulling a Mack truck with a tanker attached in, behind an area restaurant and near a wooded area. Witnesses say the pair hooked up a flex hose to the tanker and began pumping hundreds of gallons of sludge into a local creek bed.  They don't know what it is and they don't know how long this has been going on.  Residents say when they confronted the men, they scrambled to their truck and sped away.

Game wardens want to talk to the pair.  "We've made contact with individuals who own the company and we have set up an interview with them.  If we find that there was criminal or civil activity, then we will seek repercussions," said Game Warden Lana Carraway.

Area homeowners are angry.  They say they've found dead wildlife in the area of the sludge. Worse, when rain comes, the sludge will wash down the creeks and empty into Lake O' The Pines.

"And it gets in there and it's drinking water for Longview and it's going to hurt a lot of things.  I want the company responsible to clean it up," said another neighbor.

The occupants of the tanker have not been identified at this point. Samples of the liquid sludge are being examined by environmental officials.  

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.



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