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10/12/06-Smith County

East Texan Gets Clutter Organized On National TV

One East Texan has admitted her clutter is out of control. So much, a new talk show called The Greg Behrendt Show is coming in to help her clean up the clutter.  KLTV 7 was their as the clutter was unveiled for the world to see.

32 year old Cally Finney of Lindale likes to collect things.

"I like to make a lot of things out of trash.  My things have been accumulating for quite some time. My husband is far more organized than I am, so finally there came a time when he said okay, honey you can have your stuff but lets just keep it on one side so I can have my sanity on the other and he put the tape down," says Cally.

Blue tape divides Cally's side which is overflowing to her husband's neat side. Cally knew she needed help so she went surfing the internet.

"I finally saw a posting that said, "Do you need help with organization?" and I answered it and then I found out after they contacted me that it was a TV show," says Cally.

Cally says she collects these items to be resourceful.

"I want to help others and make things for other people too," says Cally.

During the taping of the show, Cally got an idea to give away some of her stuff.

"Peter Welsh, from Clean Sweep, the guest on the show that day suggested to take all my things and start sort of a new ministry with those things where I could still have that creative outlet but it wouldn't affect my home," says Cally.

So Cally is donating all of her things that are cluttering her house to the girls at Living Alternative.

"I really wanted to be able to teach them how to sew, how to make use of the things they have without having to spend money," says Cally.

Clly now has an outlet for her creativity as well as getting her house organized.

An organizing company has come in to help Cally get organized.  The Greg Behrendt Show featuring Cally will air on October 19th on the CW network.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.  kdavis@kltv.com

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