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Some Cemetery Markers Covered In Dirt

One East Texan couple says construction at a local cemetery is being done in a disrespectful manner. It's at the Cathedral In The Pines Cemetery located off South Broadway, just North of Cumberland Road. Some grave markers were covered with dirt, including grave markers of veterans.  Today, we spoke with a family member whose loved one is buried at the cemetery.

"My son passed away from Cystic Fibrosis. He suffered 15 years with a terrible disease and we wanted to have place of peace and comfort," says Kerry Anderson.

Kerry and Cheryl Anderson buried their son here at the Cathedral In The Pines Cemetery 11 years ago. Cheryl visits the cemetery everyday. Recently, the property next to the cemetery was purchased by a developer. And it was discovered this water line for the cemetery was not on the cemetery's property and would have to be moved.  Pictures taken yesterday, show a gravestone moved and covered with dirt and tools laying on top of gravestone... that have Kerry upset.

"They have moved this (gravestone), it was covered with dirt.  These are all covered up, this is a Vietnam guy, World War II.... It's a disgraces.  It's an absolute disgrace for someone to lay down their life for this country and can't even have a place of peace that is not disturbed," says Kerry Anderson.

The manager of the cemetery, Joe Yeakley says from this point forward the water line will be dug up by hand and not machines, in an effort to try to minimize the disturbance. He also said by the end of today, the dirt will be leveled, the markers will be moved back and cleaned off... which has been done.

Kerry Anderson says he understands the development of the property but assumed the fence was the cemetery's property line.

 Karolyn Davis, reporting.

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