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Longview Plastics Fire Cause Still Undetermined

There is no evidence, yet to clear up two fires that happened at a plastic recycling business in Longview last month.

Twice in September, fire crews were called out to Southwest Plastics off Estes Parkway in Longview for the fires.   Some media reports have prematurely suggested arson to the dismay of fire marshals.

     September 5th, a blaze destroyed the warehouse and inventory at Southwest Plastics. On September 22nd a second blaze destroyed the remaining office building.

Other media reports claim three surveillance videos were recovered, but investigators say only one was found. Those were sent to labs for viewing.

Officials say media suggestions of arson are unfounded at this time.

      "We did take some samples at the fire scene and sent them off to ATF laboratory for them to do an analysis, to tell if there was ignitable liquid and if there was what type. We're not making any ruling on this fire at this time. It is simply an undetermined fire," said Longview fire investigator, Mark Moore.

     Investigators expect lab results on the samples back within 4 to 6 weeks, and the video tape is expected back within 3 days.

Southwest Plastics remains in business. The owner estimates his losses at $1.2 million and is currently trying to get a city permit to build temporary offices at the site.

Bob Hallmark, reporting, bhallmark@kltv.com


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