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Neighboring Union Joins Goodyear Fight With Union Steelworkers

The Goodyear Union Steelworkers were not alone on the picket line Thursday in Tyler.   Members of the local 782 IUECWU union, which represents workers at Trane cooperation joined the picket like at Goodyear. They say they want to show their support and let the Union Steelworkers know they understand the economic impact a plant closure would have in the area.  

"First of all we wanted them to know we are united," said Tony Hays, President of 782 IUECWU Trane Cooperation Union. "That we understand it's a fight for all Americans to protect the quality of the jobs we have here, and to preserve jobs for the Americans who still have good paying manufacturing jobs in the United States."   Tomorrow union workers for Trane will collect money at their gate to support the Union Steelworkers during the strike. There were no new negotiations today between the Union and Goodyear. This is the 8th day they've been on strike.

Molly Reuter, reporting.


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