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East Texas Dentist Gives Patients Picture Perfect Smile

When it comes to having confidence, having a nice smile makes a big difference. Studies show, people with a good smile appear to be more successful, wealthy and beautiful, and one East Texas dentist is making that possible. He's going above and beyond to give his patients a picture perfect smile. 

Nikole Ainsworth, 22 of Frankston says when she walked into Dr. Tad Morgan's Dentist Office for the first time, she was concerned her teeth could not be fixed.

"I didn't expect it to turn out as good as it did," said Ainsworth. "I mean I was going to be happy if they could get a little bit of it fixed. "   Ainsworth had major decay on her front teeth from years of not going to the dentist.  It was a smile she kept to herself.

"It was always a closed lip smile, and now I'm not afraid to just smile," said Ainsworth. Doctor Tad Morgan began working on Ainsworth teeth three years ago by replacing her front teeth with eight crowns. Morgan says when he first met Ainsworth she was quiet, but that has all changed.

"She's bubbly," said Dr. Morgan. "She's not self conscience.  Now she comes in and she's saying hi to everybody." Cosmetic dentistry is just one of Morgan's passions.  The other, photography.

"All the pictures on the wall, they are all patients that we've treated," said Dr. Morgan. "I have some special training from people from out state on how to do photo shoots."   Wednesday was Ainsworth turn to have her picture taken.

"I've never had my hair or my make-up done or anything like that, so I'm kind of nervous," said Ainsworth.   She had nothing to worry about.  She's a natural, thanks to her new smile.

"It's changed everything," said Ainsworth. "Before now I wouldn't talk to strangers because I didn't want them laughing or saying something. Now, what can they say now, but what a beautiful smile."  Ainsworth says she has now started taking classes at Trinity Valley Community College in Athens. She says she wants to be a crime scene investigator. Dr. Morgan says he tries to do about two or three photo shoots every month.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com


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