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"Does It Work"-10/10/06

Sip-a-Bowl: "Does It Work?"

Do you ever look at a product on store shelve and think, "Why didn't I think of that?" I think we all have. At the same time, we've seen products and said, "I'm really glad I didn't think of that." This week's "Does It Work?" product...we're not really sure which of those categories it falls into.

Jason Hewes wonders about the proper way to finish a bowl of soup. The Sip-a-bowl, with it's built in straw, solves that quandary. We first try some cereal. When you're done, you just suck the milk up the straw. Jason experiences early success. Next, the chicken noodle soup. Jason, again sucks up the liquid. A few of the noodles even made it up the straw. And when his ice cream melted, he was able to savor every drop.

"Does It Work?" The Sip-a-bowl is not the product we want future civilizations to find and remember us by, but we must give it a "yes."

We found the Sip-a-bowl at Drug Emporium for 79 cents. They are dishwasher safe.

Joe Terrell, reporting.

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