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Greatest Sports Movies of All Time

What makes a great movie?  Is it the story?  Is it the pictures?  Is it the action?  Is it the humor?  Is it the ability to control our emotions and willingly suspend our disbelief?  In a nutshell, the answer is YES!  It's all of these things.  When you add all of these things up, you will find sports movies linger among the best films of all time. 

It is water cooler fodder.  Everyone has an opinion.  They are movies that make you cry (Brian's Song), and movies that make you stand up and cheer (Hoosiers).  They are the true stories of triumph (Rudy), and the fictional stories that you wish were true (Rocky).  They are the movies whose lines make their way into everyday vernacular (Show me the money!).

So, what is the Greatest Sports Movie of All Time?  I pose that question to you.  E-mail your Top 20 Greatest Sports Movies to  I will tally the votes and reveal on the 10:00 sports on November 21 what movie East Texas chose.

As we go, I'll reveal to you what various East Texas sports figures say their favorite movie is.

I the meantime, I took a survey of KLTV 7 staff members and tallied the results.  We had a wide range of movies included, but here is how we ranked the Best Sports Movies of All Time:

1.  Remember The Titans
2.  Rudy
3.  Field of Dreams
4.  A League of Their Own
5.  The Sandlot
6.  Hoosiers
7.  Rocky
8.  Bull Durham
9.  The Karate Kid
11.The Natural
12.Jerry Maguire
13.Major League
14.Cinderella Man
15.Brian's Song
16.Friday Night Lights
17.Bad News Bears
18.The Pride of the Yankees
19.Any Given Sunday
21.White Men Can't Jump
22.Tin Cup
23.Best of the Best
24.Million Dollar Baby
26.Cool Runnings
27.Cutting Edge
29.Love and Basketball
30.Varsity Blues

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