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Officer Takes Up Different Mission

A Longview Police Department officer is turning in his badge for a much higher calling. He's leaving behind a promising career to minister in a far away land.  

Longview Police officer Jason Frealy has decided to become a missionary.  Frealy, his wife, Kelli, and baby Daniela are set to leave for Argentina tomorrow.  "We read in scriptures that Jesus Christ told us to go and make disciples of all nations," said Frealy.   "We feel called actually to serve as missionaries, evangelical missionaries in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  We're looking at probably 10 plus years."

For four years he's gained the respect and admiration of his fellow officers on the Longview Police force.  His co-workers say they'll miss a good officer, but respect his commitment. "I came to work with officer Frealy.   Jason had dreams in life and he's chasing those dreams.  Law enforcement was one of them and it's time to move on," said Longview Police Department Sgt. Ben Kemper.

Through the hospices of the Southern Baptist Convention, Jason and his family will go on the ministry mission in Buenos Aires knowing that there could be hard times ahead.

Frealy leaves behind no regrets saying he always expected he would do this one day. "Life is uncertain in general.  Who we serve is bigger than what we do," he said.

Frealy hopes to serve his faith as well on mission , as he did in uniform.  Both Jason and Kelli are fluent in Spanish. They don't know how long they'll be on mission.  

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