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Man Surrenders In Longview Swat Standoff

There were some tense moments in a north Longview neighborhood last night, as a SWAT team was called out for a standoff situation. The standoff happened at a home on the corner of Janet Kay Street and Rebecca Street.

The man barricaded himself inside the house with at least one family member inside. Members of Longview SWAT and Gregg County Sheriffs officers surrounded the home, guns drawn, and attempted to negotiate with the man.

Investigators say a domestic dispute caused the standoff, and the man's wife was actually in the home, but escaped.  She told officers that her husband had a number of weapons in the house. The man surrendered peacefully, to the relief of law enforcement.  

"The suspects wife escaped earlier, but told us that he had a large number of weapons in the house, and our concern was to talk him out before he got any idea of getting or using a weapon.  We were fortunate that we were able to talk him out without incident," said Gregg County Sheriffs office Lt. David Taylor.

The unidentified man was arrested and taken to the Gregg County jail, where he will be arraigned on formal charges in the morning.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.


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