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10/07/06 - DALLAS

After Fast-Paced, Single Debate, Governor Candidates Move On

If the Texas gubernatorial debate were a game show -- and some say it was -- the contestants all left at least acting happy with their championship title or departing consolation prizes.

Texas voters might be still be wondering what was in it for them as they try to decide which candidate to back in the November Seventh election.

Last night was the only scheduled televised gubernatorial debate this election season.

Observers say Democrat Chris Bell and Republican Governor Rick Perry seemed to emerge as the biggest winners.

Bell made a solid case for his previously struggling candidacy. Front-runner Perry managed to avoid major pitfalls, fend off opponents' criticism and highlight his record as the incumbent.

One thing is certain: independent Carole Keeton Strayhorn flubbed the lightning round. She couldn't name the president-elect of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, during questioning from journalists on facts and trivia.

And the colorful personality of comedian and mystery writer Kinky Friedman didn't stand out much beside the other three candidates on the small screen.

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