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Freedom Fighters: Gene Brown

Everyone who knows Gene Brown will tell you he has a passion for life. And no wonder, since he has faced death so many times.

In 1940 as a college student, Brown was recruited for a special unit, the OSO, later known as the CIA. During World War Two, Brown served as an underwater munitions expert and was sent into Italy in advance of the Anzio landing. He received the first of four Purple Hearts when both arms and both legs were broken during combat.

Brown was twice wounded in Korean combat and when the helicopter he was piloting was shot down in the Vietnam War, he sustained two broken ankles. In spite of his injuries, Brown carried his wounded co-pilot through over two hundred yards of rice paddies.

In addition to his four Purple Hearts, Brown was awarded a Silver Star, Bronze Star Commendation Medals from both the Navy and the Army and eleven Air Medals. Brown says that he appreciates life and celebrates it every day.

Joan Hallmark, Reporting

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