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Strike Starting To Sink In for Goodyear Union Steelworkers

The first full day of the strike is over. Work stopped until Goodyear decides to keep Tyler's plant.  Workers around the nation continue to picket. For many, the strike is just now starting to sink in.   For years, these Union Steelworkers have been waking up in the morning to go work for Goodyear. This morning, however, they did not have a job to go to.

"When you've worked all your life that's all you know what to do is get up and go to work," said Dwayne Praytor, Union Steelworker. Workers say they did not expect to have to strike yesterday.

"Starting to sink in especially when you got the news that they were serious about shutting the Tyler plant down," said Praytor. 

"The fact is setting in you know that they could possibly close the plant," said Dale Bekker. The President of Tyler's Union Steelworkers left Cincinnati where the negotiations took place Friday and says they will continue to strike until Goodyear decides to keep Tyler's plant.

"If we are going to save this plant, giving Goodyear's last offer, just as in 2003 it's going to be the union that saves it," said Jim Wansley, President of Tyler's Union Steelworkers. It's that determination that keeps the picketors outside every hour.

"I basically believe what my union has told us, and I stand by it, so it has sunken in, but it's too the extent that it's very important for us to stick together," said Greg Beal, Union Steelworker.  Wansley also says Goodyear could come back with a new contract anytime, but until then they will continue to strike one day longer than the company.

Molly Reuter, reporting.


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