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10/6/06-Smith County

Smith County Family Mourns Loss of Five-Year-Old

"I figured she was playing with her dolls. Next think I heard a bam!," says Adeline Sims.

Just before the shooting she recalls mopping the floor while her 5-year-old granddaughter Urania was playing with toys on the couch. 

She describes what happens next when Urania got access to the family's gun.

"It was laying on top of the icebox. She has never in her life gotten up there. When I turned my back she pulled a stool over there and got it. Then she went in the bedroom by her toy box and that's when it happened," describes Adeline.

Urania shot herself in the head. Adeline's bloody clothes a reminder of having to carry the child next door to call 911.

"Why me?" asks Urania's mother, Sandy. She was out running errands at the time of the shooting.

"How would you feel if the police come and told you your child is like that.  Now my ex-husband has to come down and see her this way," says Sandy.

A Polaroid of Urania was taken the day before yesterday's shooting.  Her bright smile not the only thing that will be missed.

"Her laughter, the playing, saying mommy I want this and mommy I want that."

The shooting is still under investigation, but officials say so far it appears to be just a terrible accident.

Urania's mother says her daughter was taught about guns and told not to play with them.

The Smith County Sheriff's Department says they do not anticipate any charges will be filed.

Christine Nelson reporting.

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