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Add A Little Flavor To Your Medicine

 One national pharmacy has come up with a creative way to get kids to take their medicine, through flavoring.

At CVS pharmacy on Loop 281 in Longview, they proudly display posters promoting what's promised to be the simplest answer to bad tasting medicine, flavoring! For about $3.00 you can have flavors like bubble gum, watermelon or other fruit flavors added to bad tasting medicine.

    "They get to pick their own flavor, kind of lets them in of the process," said Longview CVS pharmacist Alisha Harrell.

      You can get as any as 11 different flavors added to your medicine. They can add sweetness enhancer's and bitterness reducers on request. The idea is geared toward children, for the benefit of parents.

   "To help the child take it easier, so it's not so hard on the parents," Harrell said.

     But adults are warming up to it as well.

     "I tried the lemon and it's pretty good. Kids like different flavors , I think they'll stick with one flavor; it's going to be easy for them," said Longview resident Tommy Jones.

     They hope that kids will get the message that medicine doesn't have to taste bad, to be good for you.   

 For more information on medicine flavoring, call the CVS pharmacy nearest you.

Bob Hallmark, reporting,

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