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Medians On South Broadway Decrease Accidents

The Tyler Police Department released statistics today that show the number of accidents on South Broadway have decreased after the medians were put in. That's because, police say, the medians prevent people from pulling out in front of traffic. Still, not everyone is pleased with them.

"Don't like them at all," said Jeremy Wison. "I think they cause a whole lot more congestion."

"It's more of an inconvienance and more traffic," said Diane Hall. "It also takes longer to get anywhere." South Broadway in Tyler is one of the busiest roads in East Texas. More traffic, means more accidents, but police say the medians have cut the number of collisions in half.   Statistics show in 2004, from March to August, there were 65 accidents on South Broadway. Numbers from the same six months this year, after the medians were completed,  are down to just 30.

"It's a little bit more of an inconvienance for the public, but bottom line it's safer for them and it's working," said Officer Don Martin, Tyler Police Department. People who constantly drive up and down Broadway say their main concern about the medians is having to make u-turns all the time.

"People that aren't paying attention coming the other way, we've almost been hit several times," said Wilson. Police say fortunatly, they have not seen a lot of accidents as a result of u-turns. Others, say they've also noticed the decrease in collisions.

"I know it maybe hurts some businesses because you do have to go all the way around the loop, my daughter is one of them, but no I think for the safety reasons, its really made a difference," said Sharon Duran. KLTV also talked to some nearby businesses, who told us at first they were skeptical about the medians. Business owners say they have not seen a negative impact as a result of the medians.

Molly Reuter, reporting. 

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