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7 Questions With Curtis Brown

Scouting reports from ESPN to Rivals.com have named Curtis Brown one of the top five recruits at cornerback and wide receiver in the country. The Gilmer Buckeye plans to become a Texas Longhorn in 2007, but before he heads down to Austin, he had to get past the hurdle known as the 7 Questions.

This weekend, Texas or OU?
Curtis: Texas. I think they're going to win because Oklahoma, their quarterback isn't doing so good, and I want them to lose because I want to mess with Manuel Johnson. He's from this school and I plan on playing against him a couple of years.

Which do you prefer? Wide receiver or cornerback?
Curtis: Cornerback. I think I can go somewhere big at cornerback because of my size.

Favorite part of the Yamboree?
Curtis: All the girls!

Tell me something funny about Coach Jeff Traylor?
Curtis: When he gets to screaming, you can't understand a word he is saying. It's like he's having a seizure or something. Stuff starts coming out of his mouth.

Teammate with the most diva-like qualities?
Curtis: G.J. (Kinne). But it's a close race with him and Justin Johnson. They've got to be pretty.

Cowboys or Eagles?
Curtis: Cowboys... I don't know. I just like Texas.

Describe your first meeting with Mack Brown?
Curtis: Scared. I kept looking down. He told me to get my eyes up so I did. He just offered me my scholarship and I got happy and started smiling. Couldn't stop.
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