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School Intruder Prompts New Security Measures

In response to recent school shootings around the nation, a letter was sent to every Texas School District from the State Education Commissioner, telling administrators to be vigilant in the coming days.   A Longview area high school is taking that warning to heart, especially after spotting an unknown intruder on their campus just last week.

Last Thursday, a Pine Tree High School custodian noticed a suspicious person walking around the gym. But when the man was approached, he left campus, without signing in or out as required. "That is the normal procedure and most people normally do that but we do have some folks obviously such as the intruder last week that did not follow that procedure and obviously we were alerted," says Principal Jason Mixon.

They were alerted because of the incident and recent events around the country that more needed to be done. "We've heightened a lot of our security measures and readdressing, we had procedures in place, but we're readdressing those procedures and making sure that they're still up to date," says Mixon.

Now every vehicle at Pine Tree High school is required to check in with the guard before entering or leaving the campus. And the school is thinking about installing more security cameras and having guards patrol around campus, making sure doors are locked. 

"Any campus is susceptible to this and I just think it's an excellent opportunity to analyze and look at your procedures," Mixon says.

Longview High School Principal Milton Wallace says he knows the dangers all too well. "We've had people come up on campus and we have to deal with them."

They, too, are re-evaluating their security measures. "We talked about looking at how we do things now and looking at how we can improve some of the situations that we already have," says Wallace.

Both principals told us recent events are sure signs that times are changing, and they plan to change school security with them.

Police and school officials have started an investigation into who the unknown intruder was and why he was roaming around the school.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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