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Apartment Complex Loses Its HUD Subsidy

Hundreds of residents are being forced out of their apartments after the Department of Housing and Urban Development says their complex is unsafe.   HUD says they will no longer pay for Longview residents of Jerusalem Apartments to live there.  They have 60 days to move out or pay full price for the apartments. Many residents who agree the apartments are run down,  say they don't have the time or the money to find a new place. 

"I'm talking about the roaches, the spiders...it's just not up to par in no kind of way," says Felisha Jessie, a resident of Jerusalem Apartments.

That's why Jerusalem Apartments in Longview will no longer qualify as government housing. A spokesperson from The Department of Housing and Urban Development in Fort Worth told us the apartment complex failed three inspections over the past year. 

"Look around, you see broken windows, empty apartments, trash cans falling off the hinges, the gate isn't even fixed. Go look at the playground. The kids don't even have swings. It's just bars," says Lakeitha, a resident.

So now, residents on governmental assistance have two months to find another place to live, something many say is too soon.

"They didn't give us enough time and to figure out where we're going to go and if we don't get out we gotta pay 500 something dollars for these apartments, you know it's just it's not right," says Lakeitha.  

The Department of Housing and Urban Development says they are giving residents vouchers to help pay for rent at another complex. But many don't know where to go. "Right this time, this moment I have no idea at all, no idea. [That scares me] a lot, knowing I've got two teenage boys you know what I'm saying, a lot," says Felisha.

"We're just waiting to see what the government's going to do with us and that's basically all we're doing we're just sitting here waiting," says Theresa Roberson.

In the meantime, residents say they're worries are building up..."start all over again, basically." Looking for a place to live and a job that's close to their next apartments.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development says they plan to bring in a relocation consultant to help residents find new government housing.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com.

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