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Inflammatory Breast Cancer Symptoms

It's a type of breast cancer that cannot be detected through a mammogram.  IBC or Inflammatory Breast Cancer is rare and can appear over a short amount of time.  East Texas oncologist say the key symptoms of IBC are when the breast is swollen and red. They say it may look like a bug bite. Doctors say this type of cancer can only be diagnosed through symptoms.  

"Somebody that comes in and says my breast turns red and hot and it hurts in the last 2 weeks then your suspicion raises that somebody has inflammatory breast cancer," says Dr. Heidi McKellar, Oncologist with ETMC.

"If you do get treatment early enough diagnosed there is a 50/50 chance that you can take care of that because if you delay it can be fatal so they are working hard to make strides in that direction," says Peggy Suggs, President with Susan G. Komen Foundation of Tyler.

Dr. McKellar says IBC can be treated by chemotherapy, surgery and radiation.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.

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