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10/01/06 - LONDON

New Al Qaeda Video Surfaces Showing Two 9/11 Hijackers

The ringleader of the Nine-Eleven attacks is all smiles on a video posted on a British newspaper's Web site.

Mohamad Atta is seen joking with another hijacker, the pilot of the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania, before turning serious.

The video has no sound.

The Sunday Times says the hour-long video was made at an al-Qaida training camp in Afghanistan in early 2000.

It includes images of Osama bin Laden speaking to supporters.

The Sunday Times says it obtained the video through a previously tested channel, but gave no more details.

The head of the Virginia-based IntelCenter, which monitors terrorism communications, says it was probably raw footage that al-Qaida had intended to edit into a package. He says a few years ago, bin Laden said he was saving Atta's last testament for a special occasion.

Atta flew a plane into the World Trade Center.

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