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Make-A-Wish Granted

When his son was diagnosed with leukemia, the entire town of Chandler rallied around a Browsboro football coach and his family.

The 8 year old is now in remission, and today he got a huge surprise.

More than 500 people cheered as a representative from the Make-A-Wish foundation told Tucker Thomison and his family,  they're going on a five day Disney cruise.

Tucker has been undergoing treatment since his diagnosis in August and, even though he's in remission, he'll continue going for another two or three years. His father, Ty,  says the trip will be a nice break for the whole family.

"We had talked about it several years ago, Trista and I had gone on a cruise, and we found out about them, about the Disney Cruises. We talked about them as a family, and that's what he wanted to do. Just to know that we're going to have a chance to get away, and not have to do anything and not have to go anywhere, it's going to be refreshing," says Ty.

Another wish Tucker had was for a skate park for him and his friends. Members of their church have volunteered to take care of that request.

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