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9/30/06-Smith County

Chili Cook off Benefits Volunteer Fire Department

All you need is some ground beef, chicken broth and a few spices to make some tasty chili. It's how you put those ingredients together, that makes it good. A chili cookoff in Smith County benefited the Flint-Gresham Volunteer Fire Department Saturday. Every chili out there came with its own name.

"My chili is Beer Queen Chili, his chili is Tool Time," said chili cooker Dani Medlin. "Wayno's chili," said a nearby cook. Behind the names are the cooks, that are truly one of a kind.  

David Lake of Jacksonville has been cooking chili for almost 20 years.  "We have  a good time doing this for the charity and stuff like that and that's what it's all about," said Lake. 

Dani Medlin traveled from Dallas with family and friends. Both her father and step-father are previous chili cookoff world champions.  "We love the people that we meet and hanging out with our friends and getting away from reality for two or three days," said Medlin. So, we had to ask what's the secret to having the best chili?

"I can't tell you because then I would have to kill you," said participant Kathy Ashby. "Actually it's something I got from a friend of mine and we modified the recipe and we think it's going to win."

Today's cookoff was the last chance for people to qualify for the world competition in November. First place this afternoon went to Dani Medlin for her Beer Queen Chili.

Molly Reuter, Reporting.


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