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Automated Postal Center Will Be Relocated

Longview residents will no longer see the "Automated Postal Center" machine at one of it's post offices. The United States Postal Service has decided to relocate the machine from the Post Office on McCann Street in Longview.

The decision has some citizens frustrated. Jim Hudak, a small business owner, says, "I just think the Post Office needs to pay more attention to customer service and people like me and everybody else in Longview because we need a facility like this so that we can come do business and it's convenient for us. That's very important."

Tom Few, Longview Postmaster, responds, "We're here to serve our customers and we're here to serve the needs of Longview....we anticipated revenue out of here and it's never materialized...therefore we're going to have to relocate it somewhere else.

The Post Office says the machine will be relocated October 6.  

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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