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Mayor Gives State Of City Address

It's been a busy year for Longview, a rash of violence breaks out on the Southside, fireworks erupt at a city council meeting, and the City Manager announces he's leaving. Today, Mayor Jay Dean delivered his "State of the City" address, touching on each of these subjects and more. 

It was a summer plagued by violence.  Just last month, there were five shootings within 12 hours in South Longview. "We still don't want any neighbor to lay awake at night wondering if their house is going to get shot at or if their child is going to be shot at," Mayor Dean said during his speech.

So the city organized a prayer walk and more than 500 citizens showed up.  "Just that one march in that affected area reduced crime already in that area....we're going to take our streets and our neighborhoods back one by one," he says.

Then there was a city council meeting where shouting was heard after an executive session.  "This May our city council all adopted a code of ethics...for the most part every member of our council is conforming to that commitment. We're not there yet, but we've come a long way."

And now the city is preparing for a new City Manager.  "I think Rickey can tell you, he went through a lot of things as City Manager here.  The only thing he wanted from council was 'Tell me where you want to go and then let me get us there.' And that's what we want to do for the next City Manager."

A year in review..."Ladies and Gentlemen, the state of your city is great..." and a time to look to the future.

Nearly 200 people attended the Mayor's "State of the City" address.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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