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J.B. Smith And The Christmas Day Murders

"Officer Tanner speaking. Do you need police, fire or emergency medical service?"

That's where the book starts, a 911 call on Christmas morning of 1999. Law enforcement officers responded to a quiet Smith County neighborhood. Inside, they find Stephen and Carla Barron who have been brutally murdered in their sleep. At first, their daughter, Stephanie claimed it was an intruder, but later she pleaded guilty to capital murder.

Sheriff J.B. Smith says of the book, "It's good reading, because we wound up clearing four murder cases off of this one case."

One of those cases was that of Dinario Jones, Stephanie Barron's boyfriend at the time of the murders. Jones stole the gun Stephanie used to kill her parents from another Smith County home. Then, Jones set fire to it, ultimately killing a woman and her three year old daughter.

Sheriff Smith says he wanted to write his first book about this case because he thinks parents can learn something from it.

"She [Stephanie] was a very attractive little girl that got into drugs, and it's a story that many a parent can find the horror in," says Smith.

He cautions readers there are some portions of it they might find offensive.

"There's some pretty tough language in this book. It's not a Sunday school lesson, and I want to warn the public about that. When you talk about true crime, you have to tell the truth about it, and so that's what we did," says Smith.

With 30 years experience as an East Texas Sheriff, J.B. Smith has seen it all. He hopes by putting it down on paper, the stories will be told long after he's gone.

The second book in the series will be called The Holy Ghost Murders. It's about a Troup pastor who murdered his wife.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: lwilcox@kltv.com

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