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Former Cop Admits Crimes With "Guilty" Pleas

Larry Pugh was on duty and in uniform when he sexually assaulted two women in 2005.

"I am very proud of the courage of the witnesses that came forward on this," says FBI Special Agent Peter Galbraith.

Pugh's family on the other hand is crying fowl.

"How can anyone take the word of people on drugs, people on alcohol and people living on the street.  They take the word of street people, over the word of a 10-year veteran police officer," says Pugh's mother Jaquita Smith.

"The information [against Pugh] that was provided was good information. We actually verified that through other witnesses and other investigative techniques," says Galbraith.

Pugh's troubles got worse, also admitting Thursday in court, that while out on bond he sought revenge against a witness by wrapping a belt around her neck and attempted to drag her to his van.

"Oh please!," says Pugh's sister Linda. "All the years being brother and sister and all the feuds, are you kidding me, never! Never! he doesn't even spank his children."

The plea deal lessens Pugh's possible sentence to a maximum of 12 years--time, his family says, that will be robbed from his wife and four kids.

"He didn't plead guilty because he was guilty. He pleaded guilty so that someday he would have a life with his children," says Linda.

Pugh's mother adds shaking her head, "I weep daily. Daily."

Pugh has been taken into the custody of U.S. Marshals. Now an example of what happens when someone abuses the badge.

Pugh will be officially sentenced in the coming weeks, but this is still not the end for the former officer.

There are state charges pending against Pugh. The Cherokee County district attorney would not specify today what they are.

Christine Nelson reporting.

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