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9/28/06-Anderson County

East Texas Wants Trash Near His Land Cleaned Up

An East Texan says he's sick of looking at trash everytime he drives to his land.   For years, people have been illegally dumping garbage near a small county road in Anderson County.   The trash spreads up and down County Road 1983, which is just Southeast of Palestine. 

"There's stuff like this all up and down this road," said Jim Bothwell who owns land near trash. Jim bothwell raises cattle on land off County Road 1983, land he's owned for nearly ten years.

"Sometimes it gets worse," said Bothwell. "Sometimes it gets cleaned up a little. It goes away for a while, and then it comes back." In June, Bothwell noticed someone had dumped even more garbage.

"Household trash, scraps," said Bothwell. "Toilet fixtures, batteries." Throughout the summer Bothwell says the pile grew."

"First it was wood scraps," said Bothwell. "It goes on over the edges of the hill here. Then it started being boxes and household trash and burnt furniture." Down the street another pile of garbage.

"Whenever they run out of one spot, it fills up and they will move on to another," said Bothwell. Bothwell says he contacted the Anderson County Sheriff's Department severaly times, but still everytime he drives down this road he's forced to look at trash.

"I've called them," said Bothwell. "I've gone personally to the sheriff's department." Just last week the county did make an effort to help, putting up a no dumping sign.

"What else are we suppose to do when we find this sort of stuff out here," said Bothwell.  Bothwell says now he just has to wait and see, and hope people will read and follow the No Dumping sign.

The Anderson County Sheriff's Department told us it's aware of the dumping problem on that road and its trying to find the dumpers. County Commissioner Joe Chaffin told me he could not clean up the mess because its on private property. It's the land owner's responsibiltiy to pick up the trash.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com


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