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City Comes Up With Incentive Proposal For Goodyear

Tyler City leaders have come up with a proposal to spend some money now, to hopefully keep money in the city's economy later. The Tyler City Council approved a resolution last night, to contribute $600,000 to Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. in the next three years. The money is part of an incentive plan, to try to keep it from closing its Tyler plant.  The city says there's too much to lose if the company were to close its doors.

"The jobs at Goodyear on average pay $104,000 a year a piece. That is probably the highest manufacturing job we have in this community and to lose those jobs would be devastating to our economy," said State Senator Kevin Eltife.

Senator Eltife says the plant's closure would mean about a billion dollars in lost revenue out of the East Texas area. Goodyear says it plans to close up to five of its manufacturing plants around the country.  

"Tyler could be that one. Each of the other communities are coming together to convince Goodyear to stay there. We've put a package together that's very competitive and I'm optimistic that they will decide that this plant is to stay open," said Seeber.

The Tyler Economic Development Council has also offered the same amount -- $600,000 -- in incentives.  Senator Eltife says members of the private sector have pledged about $150,000. The state is working on a package as well.

"The taxpayers would be affected because if Goodyear goes away, probably the school system would have to raise the taxes to make up the differenced in the taxes they hack. Everyone would be affected by the loss of Goodyear," said Senator Eltife.

The city is waiting on the state's package to present its entire offer to the company next month. Until Goodyear makes a decision, the jobs of nearly 1,100 East Texas workers, are on the line.

The city says it has not decided yet where the $600,000 would come from. Mayor Seeber says some of the possibilities could be a reduction in water and sewer bill for the company or that it could come out of the city's general fund.

Oralia Ortega, Reporting.


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