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Parents Anonymous Of Tyler Fundraiser

One East Texas group is helping to strengthen families in our community.  Parents Anonymous is a national organization that provides free parenting classes.  On Saturday, there's a fundraising event that will benefit the organization.  KLTV 7 spoke with a father who says the classes have made him a better parent.

"We learn tools to help better communicate with the children and teach how to discipline them and not punish them.  Basically become a better parent in general," says Shawn Gonter, who attends parenting classes.

45 year old Shawn Gonter of Tyler is a father of two:  9 year old Logan and 8 year old Lexie.   He's taking a 15 week long parenting class offered by Parents Anonymous.

"Parents are coming to us for help often times they have not found help in other resources. Sometimes they come to us because raising children is the hardest job in the world and none of us come trained to do that," says Terri Smith, Director of Community Relations for Parents Anonymous.

Shawn says the class has strengthen his relationship with his kids.

"Get down on their level... talk to them and what tone of voice to use," says Shawn.

The classes are also helping him with discipline.  

"Basically how to be a disciplinarian and not a punisher. I didn't realize there was a difference in the definition. I was raised in the military and there are very disciplined but our discipline turned into punishment," says Shawn.

He says he has already seen a difference.  

"The house is a lot more harmonious.   When you have children you are always waiting for someone to give you that parenting handbook on how to raise those children.  Well Parents Anonymous has been that for us," says Shawn.

Shawn says now he and his kids are spending a lot more quality time together.

Parents Anonymous of Tyler is hosting their 4th annual Wine Lecture and Tasting.  The event is on Saturday at 7 PM at Willow Brook Country Club in Tyler. Tickets are $75.00. Parents Anonymous hopes to raise $35,000.

Karolyn Davis, reporting. 

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