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Two East Texans Killed And Two Critically Injured In Shooting

Police will give little information as to why four people were shot in a Tyler home early Tuesday morning.. They do say its not a random shooting and they do have a person or persons of interest.   The victim's bodies were found in a home at the 2000th block of Madison Street around 4:00 a.m. That's in an area known as the St. Louis Community.   Two men are in critical condition at a local hospital. They are George Douglas Cain, 38 and Presley William Williams, 49.  Police say they found Gary Wayne Mosley, 50 shot and killed.   A woman was also killed.  She's identified as Unnice Rogers, 41. 

When Tyler police arrived at the residence early Tuesday morning they found Rogers shot to death inside the home. Mosley was found outside on the front porch. It didn't take long for a crowd of people to surround the scene, all wondering who that person on the porch was.   Knowing Mosley often hung out at that home and sat on the front porch, Mosley's family says they knew it was him.  

"He was a very nice person, very caring," said Tenton Mosley, Gary Mosley's brother. "I guess he got caught up at the wrong place at the wrong time." Mosley's brother Tenton Mosley says he's not sure why the shooting occurred.

"I don't know a whole lot about it, but there was some activity over there that I guess wasn't legal," said Tenton Mosley. "Maybe it was just some place he shouldn't have been."   Mosley's family members are now turning to each other for support.

"He (the suspected shooter) took a very kind person, someone that we loved dearly," said Felicia Mosley, Gary Mosley's sister in law. "He took, I mean that was a father. That was a son and a friend for a lot of people. He lost his life for nothing. "

"We need to stop this senseless violence and all this stuff because it makes no sense whatsoever," said Tenton Mosley. Police say two men were also inside the home at the time of the shooting. The men's family told KLTV, the two are brothers and were not injured at the time of the shooting.  Right now, Tyler police are following up on some leads and were not release any further information.

Molly Reuter, reporting.


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