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Car Dealer Accused Of Cutting Customer With Machete

An East Texas man says he was attacked by the owner of a car dealership with a machete. The victim says he went to Time Auto Sales on South Glenwood in Tyler yesterday to pick up the tags for his car.  Today, we spoke with the owner of the dealership and the victim.

"I left my job at 12:30 on my lunch break to pick some tag," says Gerald Davis, accuses Parker of cutting arm with machete.

52 year old Gerald Davis had put a down payment on his 1993 Lincoln.

"When I got there the man was arguing with a black female," says Davis.

The owner of Time Auto Sales, 73 year old Robert Parker says Davis was upset because he was telling the lady to leave his property.

"I told him I didn't have his title ready, it wasn't ready because he had signed in the wrong place," says Robert Parker.

From there each man has his own story.  

"When I began to ask him for my tags he began cussing and jumping up and started waving the machete at me," says Davis.

But Parker says something very different happened.

"He grabbed me by the left arm and swung at me with his right arm.  He hit me there and I pushed him back and I grabbed that machete," says Parker.

Shortly after, the two men then made their way outside of the building.

"He went back out to his car and said he was going to get a gun," says Parker.

"He was going to hit me in the face and I threw my arm up and he cut me on my left arm and had to have about 11 stitches. But I was able to grab the blade of the machete," says Davis.

"I didn't try hard to get the machete away from him because I can't walk and I'm not very physical," says Parker.

Davis did leave the dealership with machete and took it to the Tyler Police Department. Leaving the investigators to decide who to believe.   After the report was filed against Parker, he was arrested by Tyler Police and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.  

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