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Search Is On For Next Longview I.S.D. Superintendent

The time has come...that's what Longview School Board members and the Superintendent say about the announcement of her resignation last night. Dr. Dana Marable has been the Superintendent for nearly four years today. School Board members say the search is on for the district's new leader.

Following the resignation announcement of Dr. Dana Marable, School Board members knew what their next step would be. "The main thing is someone that will work with the community, be able to be fair and also be able to be tough when you need to be tough," says Board President John Preston.

Preston says it's not that Dr. Marable didn't do those things, he says it was just time for a change. "She's been successful here and she's done a lot of great things. I don't have anything negative to say about it. Just things that happen, you know, we've got to move on."

And that's why they're looking to the future.  Board Trustee Chris Mack says,  "I want to see it move the direction where we can have maximum performance academically by our students. That is my main focus. If not for the students, we wouldn't be sitting here talking."

But some parents say they're worried about the turnover of superintendents in the last decade. "Sad to see that we have to go through another change. I mean I think we've been through now four superintendents in the last several years since my children started school," Longview parent Rex Scoggin says.

But President Preston says that shouldn't hurt the district. "What's in place stays in place, it's just that the leadership makes sure that everyone is pushing forward and holding everyone accountable for what their task is. That's the main thing."

Preston also says while the Trustees haven't actually sat down with a list of qualities they want in the next superintendent, he says they already have some possible candidates in mind.

He says the whole process shouldn't take longer than six months.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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