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TK Gorman Coaches Take Hands-On Approach

When former NFL defensive lineman Eric Williams coaches, he really coaches, strapping on a helmet for a little show and tell.  It's something his TK Gorman players weren't used to seeing.

"It was a little scarey at first," said senior lineman Chris Brunson, "but they're not in full pads, so it's not that bad."

Williams isn't the only former player knocking heads, though. Former Nebraska Cornhusker Jon Rutherford coaches the crusaders offensive line.

"Getting the helmet on, I can kind of attack where they need the most help," Rutherford said.

"So far it's been pretty cool," said junior lineman Garrett Mueck.  "They bring a lot of experience to us, and they just know the game."

Head coach George Cumby sure knows the game.  He's a former linebacker with the Green Bay Packers.

"I mean, what better technique can you get from guys that have played the game and have been successfull in college and the professional level," Cumby asked?

"We know the secrets from high school to college," explained Rutherford.  "What I learned was technique, and that just saves you in a lot of situations, so that's what we just try to teach them, and it's paying off. They're getting better each day."

"I never forgot what it was like to be a player," Williams said.  "And the only way I can teach is hands on and show them."

William's ego may still remember how to be player, but his body forgot a long time ago.

"He is fired up," Gorman trainer James Rapp said with a smile.  "He's ready to go. He puts the helmet on, then he's in the training room right afterwards."

"They're feeding me Geritol in high quantity doses," Williams joked.

The Crusaders have a week off before traveling to Dallas to take on Dallas Christian. 

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