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Soldier Leaving For Afghanistan

An East Texas teenager is heading to Afghanistan Tuesday to serve his country. 

"I joined because it would help me go to school.  I figured I could go over there and do some good," says U.S. Army Private First Class Chris Key.

The 19-year-old from Whitehouse joined the army after September 11th. For two weeks, Key has been spending time with family tossing the football around, watching movies, going to the fair and going to Wal-Mart to buy Elmo.   That is completely different from his daily life in Afghanistan manning the observation points.  

"It's where we over look a town or village from a high point.  Normally we have climb up a mountain to get to that observation point.  Once we get up there we are normally up there for a few weeks, depending on the condition," said Key.

His mother says it's been a relief to have him home, but she knows he will be leaving again.   "You never know, you never know... if everything is going to be okay.  So you live minute to minute when they are over there.   You just keep praying and hoping they come home okay," said Roxanne Key.

James Key, Chris's father, is also in the army.  He joined a few months before his son.  "I worry about attacks, that he may get into and gun fights, fire fights," said James Key.

"I got a lot of good guys working with me and I feel like I will come back safe," said Chris.

After Chris gets out of the army he is planning on attending UT Austin. He says he will major in business.

Karolyn Davis, Reporting.

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