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9/22/06-Mt. Vernon

Image Of Christ: Coincidence or Divine Intervention?

Do you see Jesus? Do you see Jesus?

For Buck Carr, it was just another day doing his favorite hobby: wood shop.

"When I got through sanding [the slab of cedar] this is what was in the wood," says Carr.

The image of Christ doesn't quite jump out at you. Even Buck admits it took someone else to bring it to his attention.

"A neighbor came by and pointed it out.  He said, 'You see what's in the wood?' I said, 'I have no idea.' He said,'I see Christ in the wood.'"

Buck says applying a coat of a special liquid helped define some of Christ's facial images even more. 

"Yeah I really see what [my neighbor] is talking about," declares Buck.

"There might be somebody out there that sees it. Might encourage them not to give up, because everybody has problems."

What was originally meant to be a coffee table, may now have a divine purpose.

Buck got the cedar from a scrap yard. Whatever you think you saw or didn't see, Buck says he feels lucky to have come across it.

Christine Nelson reporting.

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