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Upshur County Horses In Good Shape

       A follow up today on some miniature horses that were given to an east Texas rescue group for care. Workers with Safe Haven rescue group say that numerous people have come forward wanting to adopt the "mini's" that were taken into their care. The horses were "not" starving, the Upshur county owner simply didn't have enough feed and hay to take care of them all, and called Safe Haven for help. Originally 75 animals were reported turned over, but a total of 25 animals, 18 mini's 4 horses and 3 mules were actually given to Safe Haven, but all in good shape.

"She voluntarily turned them over to us, because she needed help, not because they were seized , the horses were not starved at all they were healthy , she was taking food off her table to feed the horses" says Safe Haven director Richard Fincher.

     Anyone willing to help with donations of hay and feed is asked to call Safe Haven farms at 903- 762- 1432.

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