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Second Fire At Longview Plastics Plant

     For the second time in just three weeks, an East Texas recycling plant is damaged by fire. Around 2:00 this morning, fire crews were called out to Southwest Plastics off Estes Parkway in Longview. It's become a familiar scene for the owners of Southwest Plastics,  fire burning up their business.

   "Someone across the street at Wal-mart construction reported seeing a large fire in this area. Fire crews arrived to find this building 50 percent involved," said Longview Assistant fire marshal, Mark Moore.

     No one was injured in the fire but the building was a total loss. Earlier this month fire destroyed the inventory area of the business. Early this morning fire destroyed the last remaining office space where they were trying to run their business.

    "People have asked me that does seem a little suspicious and it may be , we'll treat this fire like the first one," said assistant Fire Marshal Jimmy Purcell.

     A Haz-mat team was called to the scene to assist firefighters, and an ATF agent assisted scene investigators. This is the third fire at Southwest Plastics since 2003, when the entire business was burned to the ground.

Right now, there are no clues to determine if these recent fires were accidental or the work of an arsonists. Investigators are hoping one little break, a security camera tape which appears undamaged, will tell them what happened.

    "We're right now in the process of getting that tape examined to see if there's anything on there that would help us with this investigation," said Moore.

     No one was in the building at the time of the fire , and no one was injured. The surveillance video tape is being examined right now.   The owners of Southwest Plastics will continue daily operations, despite not having an office area.

Bob Hallmark Reporting,

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