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Two Teens Killed In Hawkins Train Accident

      A gruesome discovery, in a quiet East Texas town. Two teens are dead, after being run over by a train.  

Although investigators think they have leads on who the kids were, it's still a mystery at this point as to where they came from or what they were doing on the train track in Hawkins.

Residents couldn't understand how it could happen.  Two teens killed by a locomotive as they lay on a track.

     "I just couldn't believe it, seems like these things are happening that are unbelievable to the natural mind," said Hawkins merchant Robert McWhorter.

  "In a little town like Hawkins these things just don't happen," said a local high school student.

     Everything in this case is a question: Who were they? Where did they come from? And what were they doing there?

    "We're not sure where these children came from; we're not sure who these children are. It's very upsetting because it's children being killed. We need to know what's going on and try to fix what's going on here," said Hawkins resident, Earlene Maricle.

      A Union Pacific engineer was going an estimated 30 miles per hour and couldn't stop in time. What puzzles investigators at this point is the two young men appeared to be lying side-by side waiting for the train to arrive.

     "The engineer and the conductor, they were both laying across the tracks said," Hawkins police detective, A.J. Reynolds.

     The pair, identified only as two young black teens between 16 and 18 years old, were pronounced dead at the scene.

    "It is very strange and that why we're treating both of them as a homicide at this time. Until we get evidence, it's not a homicide it's an ongoing investigation," Reynolds said.

     The mysterious teens were not from Hawkins. They had no identification, and no family has been found. Investigators are not even sure the pair was alive when the train hit them.

     "I'm deeply relying on forensics at this point to tell me something," said Reynolds.

       Hawkins police say there is no missing person report filed for these two teens. The bodies have been sent to Dallas for autopsy.

 Investigators hope that will shed light on case.

Bob Hallmark,  reporting,

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