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9/20/06-Red Springs

Same Grass Fire, Different Day For Red Springs Firefighters

11:15 a.m.

Red Springs and Lindale firefighters have been on the scene for 30 minutes.

They realize they're up against a pretty large fire being fed by the dry conditions.

"Sunday we were out here. Same location, two fires. It's unknown how they got started too," says Red Springs volunteer firefighter Tim Thompson.

By 12:15 p.m. the fast-moving blaze charred five to 10 acres of land.  Quite a large area for the handful of firefighters on site to keep under control.

"We got up this custard field and started wetting it down. That was the only way we could stop it [from spreading] through this custard field we're standing in," says Thompson.

Firefighters built a plow lane, which is a dirt barrier that surrounds the entire area.  It's keeps the fire from spreading any further and doing any more damage.

Thompson adds, "We're trying to widen [the plow lane] out a little bit in case the winds gets up and the fire tries to jump it."

Flammable liquid was applied just inside the plow lane, a technique for the flames to meet and eventually burn itself out.

The next fire to put out, is determining what exactly sparked the flames in the first place.

The Smith County Fire Marshall's Office says Wednesday's fire may have been a rekindle from Sunday's, which happened in the same area.

Officials are still investigating Sunday's fire, calling it "suspicious."

Christine Nelson reporting.

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