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9/19/06-White Oak

White Oak Residents May See Yet Another Tax Cut

White Oak residents may see another tax break for the third year in a row.   Mayor Tim Vaughn's budget proposes lowering the tax rate to 51 cents per 100 dollars, as opposed to this year's 52 cents. That's mean the average household of 87-thousand dollars will pay around 430 dollars in city taxes next year.  

Mayor Vaughn said the tax cut is possible because of an increase in growth and revenue for the city.  He says, "We want to serve them by giving them the best rate we can, but still provide the resources that I believe they expect for them to live here, send their kids to school here and raise families here."

The White Oak City Council will discuss the budget and proposed tax cut in their September 26 meeting.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com.

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