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Senior Olympics Bring Out Competitive Edge

The day started off with an opening ceremony, each contestant ready to go for the gold.

Sure, they smiled for the camera, but when the parade was over, everyone put on their game face.

In the wheelchair races, some won by default, because there was no one else in their race. Others relied on sheer speed.

When 106 year old Bernice Bach flew across the finish line, she was met by adoring fans.

Everyone at the event was having a really great time in the races and events, but the really fierce competition was in the lobby.

The annual '42 Tournament' is the Super Bowl of the Senior Games. Around this table, Jeanine Moore and her partner, Robert, are fighting to defend their title from last year.

Jeanine says, "You have to remember it's just a game, but actually, I would like to beat the hell out of them."

Organizer Karen Davis says as East Texas grows, so do the games, and this year is the biggest ever. They hope the event will help eliminate stereotypes people have about seniors.

"That they're too old. That they're too feeble, but that's not true. You can see today, the excitement that builds in them," says Davis.

As they cross the finish line, one by one, it's apparent each of them has been running a marathon called life, and should be congratulated for a good race.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting:


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