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School Districts Address Children's Food Allergies

Milk and peanuts are just a few of the most common food allergies. It's a growing problem among children and really becomes an issue, when that child goes to school.   So, how do you know your child is safe with so many food available at their finger tips?   KLTV 7 visited one local school district to find out what they are doing.

Lunch time, a favorite time of the day for school children but for kids like Marco, it's a long line of choices.  Four year old Marco Campos is allergic to milk and his mother, Ana LaBorico says if he drinks milk he gets very sick.  

"He starts with high temperatures and then vomiting and doesn't want to eat doesn't want to do anything," says Ana.

Marco is in pre kindergarten at Douglas Elementary School and his mother says she felt better about sending him after talking with his teacher.  

"We have been working hand in hand talking with our teachers and cafeteria managers and implementing a process to avoid a child being exposed to something they are allergic to," says Nancy Jones, Lead Nurse at TISD.

Jones says they have seen an increase of children who have food allergies.  So, TISD has put the child's food allergy information on the child's lunch card.   If a child does choose something they are allergic to in the lunch line, once they turn in their lunch card to the cafeteria employees.  Then the employee is alerted to the child's food allergy.

"Our cafeteria workers are preparing the foods and the children are going through and they see that child one time a day.  It is just another check and balance," says Jones.

It's a system that gives mother's like, Ana, peace of mind  that Marco won't have an allergic reaction at school.   Tyler's not alone. We did some checking and found similar programs in Jacksonville and Longview ISD's. Contact your school nurse or food service manager to enroll your child.  

Karolyn Davis, reporting.

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