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Child Minder System Alerts Parents If A Child Is Left In A Vehicle

For a company called Baby Alert, one child being left inside a car is one too many. The company says hot cars kill more than 40 children every year. Now, they say they've come up with a new device to alert parents if they accidentally leave their child inside a vehicle.   

One East Texas mother takes a look at the new device.  Kate Newberry of Tyler is a mother of two, her youngest, born just 2 weeks ago.  

"How much of a hurry you are in and sometimes you just don't think about everything, and your child being the everything," says Kate.

Today, Joycelyn Spears of Baby Alert is going to show Kate how to use the 'Child Minder System.'  

"The 'Child Minder System' will alert the parent when they have inadvertently left there child in the back part of the car.  First thing you need to do is install the safety harness clip on your safety harness straps of the child's safety seat.  Then once activated with your key ring alarm unit then they are in constant communication with one another," says Joycelyn Spears, Marketing Director with Baby Alert International.

The alert should go off within 15 meter of the car. After getting the child minder system installed, Kate is ready to test the range.   She makes just past the driveway and the key ring alarm goes off.   So what does she think?  

"I thought it was a great idea.  It's very easy it's very simple to slip your old safety claps off and put the safety minder back on," says Kate.

Spears says this is the first child seat monitor of it's kind and costs about 60 dollars.  

"You really can not put a price on your child's life and it's a small investment to save your baby's life so I think it's definitely worth the investment," says Kate.

Karolyn Davis, reporting. 

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