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Livestock Rescued In Gregg County

       Gregg County health officials say it's a reccurring theme in East Texas, people who simply can't afford to feed their horses or cattle.     Emaciated horses, and cattle that can barely stand from being so starved. Familiar sights to health officials and rescue workers.

   "What we have here is a seizure of theses animals under the law for cruelty unfortunately there's no leeway between neglect and cruelty"  said Gregg County health officer Fred Killingsworth.

   "They put them out here to make a dollar off of them, and they let them run down there's no vegetation or grass there's nothing for them to eat" said Richard Fincher of Safe Haven Equine Rescue.

     Although the owner of these animals, seized today in White Oak had a history of neglect, she claimed to investigators that the drought, which has parched the land , was a major factor, and many other stock owners feel the same.

     "We have a drought correct , that's a contributing factor but the fact is they need to be more diligent about trying to get feed, be prepared for that" Killingsworth said.

    In Upshur County today a horse owner voluntarily gave up her 75 miniature horses. With no grass of hay , she had to see that someone took care of them.

     "She's turning the horses over to us so we can take care of them, and adopt them to good homes" said Fincher.

     A warrant for the arrest of the White Oak owner is expected to obtained next week. She'll be charged with "cruelty to animals". Bob Hallmark .

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