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Cowboys VS Redskins: Big Rivalry, A Lot At Stake Says Eric Williams

Last years 14-13 loss to the Redskins on Monday Night Football still has some Cowboys fans, and even some Cowboys players seething. The Cowboys vs. Redskins rivalry just does that to people. And it's here again, Sunday night.  KLTV 7 NFL analyst Eric Williams, a former participant in this rivalry, says this year, the stakes are as high as ever.

"(Redskins head coach) Joe Gibbs said, last year, Monday night was one of the biggest sporting events he's been involved in," Williams said.  "Now, this guy has won NASCAR!  He's one Super Bowls!  So, there's a lot of marbles on the table for this week."

Eric Williams should know.  He played in his fair share of Cowboys vs. Redskins games as a defensive tackle with Washington.

"The problem with the Cowboys," Williams remembers, "as a Redskin you're hearing about the Cowboys before your last game is over, and then you see all the t-shirts, the crude remarks, you get everybody and their family looking for tickets for an away game. I mean this is a big deal."

And, with both teams looking for their first win, it's made even bigger. Eric says, despite Drew Bledsoe's struggles in week one, the Cowboys quarterback will be the deciding factor this week.

"I would hate to be the Redskins," Williams said, "depleted defensive backfield, going against Drew Bledsoe, who is upset at his own performance at this time.  Cowboys are at home, and Cowboys got beat on Monday Night Football (last year), and I think that's the differentiator in this game."

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