Casting Call Begins For East Texas Movie

An East Texas town is about to look a lot like Hollywood. Over the next couple of months, filmmakers will be shooting a murder mystery called "Agenda" in Longview. Today, hundreds showed up to strut their stuff at the casting call.

They came by the dozens, some as they were from work, others after spending hours getting ready, but all with one objective--to be cast in a movie, filming right here in East Texas.

"We're trying to find anything from a woman who might have a baby, a couple of children, elderly takes hours of going through all those headshots, says the film's producer Danny Martin.

An estimated one thousand people are expected to show up for the casting call--all hoping to be cast as an extra...or something more.

"To be discovered, all of us," says Jodie Adams, as she waits in line to meet the producers.

"I'm hoping so, I'm hoping so, that's why I'm out here just like everybody else," says Derrick Martin.

Danny Martin, the producer says, "We are going to have a few featured extras who will actually say a few things and you know they'll be set aside from another group of people."

Some thought it would be fun..."I think it will be a great experience," says Mike Greathouse. "This is just something very fun to do," says Jodie Adams.

Others saw it as their road to stardom..."I wanted to try to something different, you know, maybe get recognized," says T.C. Johnson. "He's done a lot of acting and singing. We thought this would be the opportunity to open the door for us," says proud Mom, Lezli Chappell.  Her son, Caleb Chappell says, "All of my friends tell me I'm pretty funny. I'm a pretty good comedian and I just really enjoy acting."

But all knew it was something big for Longview... "How many people can say you can go to a casting call in Longview, Texas of all places, my word," says Jodie.

And for the nearly 80 people that will be cast as extras, it may lead to something big for them.

Casting for "Agenda" will continue tomorrow from 1 to 7 at Hayes RV Center in Longview. But if you don't make it this time, Producer Danny Martin says the company plans to film at least two more movies in East Texas.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: