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Kerrigan Petty Autopsy Results

The autopsy results are in on the death of a 4 month old girl, left inside a hot truck by her father.   The justice of the peace who pronounced Kerrigan Petty dead says her death last month was an accident, and not a homicide. Officials say Kerrigan was in the truck for more than 8 hours outside the Lindale Police Department.  Kerrigan's father, Kevin Petty, dropped off the truck at the department to go to a training seminar in Canton.   The day after Kerrigan's death, Kevin Petty was charged with manslaughter.  But justice of the peace, James Cowart says foul play was not a factor.  

"The autopsy came showing that it was an environmental heat exposure and it is going to be ruled as an accident and basically there is not other type of foul play," says Judge James Cowart, Justice of the Peace.

Kerrigan Petty's death certificate has been officially changed to accidental.  However, Smith County District Attorney Matt Bingham says the manslaughter charge against Kevin Petty still stands for now.   Bingham says once he receives the autopsy report and the case files from law enforcement, he will then decide wether to proceed with manslaughter or another charge.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.        

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